What is SmartDDM?

360 Degree Digital Management



SmartDDM, is a range of innovative digital products and services for corporations that operate with a sales network ( dealers, agents, authorized services). SmartDDM helps brands to facilitate centrally managed brand visibility for their sales network. It provides reports on visibility, engagement, other performance KPI. Consultancy also an additional benefit that our clients receive to improve business returns on items listed above. We flawlessly integrate the corporate identity of the Brand to assets created for sales network members.

SmartDDM is a new generation of digital solution provider enabling brands and their sales network to answer a broad range of digital asset management of sales network.


SmartDDM is a smart, solution-oriented and innovative digital infrastructure management system. It provides 360-degree digital services for brands that operate with sales networks. SmartDDM solutions meet, day to day needs for both brand itself & its sales network members. Brand identity applications are fully compliant with all of the assets assigned to the members of the network. All the content, visuals and updates are controlled and approved and managed (if required) by the HQ. All campaigns, product launches and announcements are published instantly on all dealer websites simultaneously.

SmartDDM is a system solution that connects the entire digital ecosystem to a single point. Our professional well-trained staff is backed with a solution-oriented call center support. We’re also able to provide remote access functionality to support dealers who need technical supervision in real time.

SmartDDM Client Base

SmartDDM, 360-degree digital management services client base includes, various national & international brands. Our effective and innovative solutions for the needs of brands regarding their sales networks are often shown as best practices within their groups. SmartDDM services are preferred by many leading brands in industries such as automotive, insurance and HVAC. Our long-lasting cross industry experience with those leading brands' dealers and authorized services, and has made contributions to conversion rates, brand visibility & lead based revenues.

The projects carried out for brands and their sales network; has been implemented in full compliance with brand guidelines in the areas of advertising, campaign, social media management, SEO.

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