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Let us allign your sales network’s visibility with your brand on digital platforms! Take an effective step on a centralized effective visibility with maximized conversion to sales.


SmartDDM, provides a flawless implementation of your brand identity to assets assigned to your dealers, with the central management panel you can also manage communication and requests on those assets with your dealers and get inspired for new functions.


Management of Dealer Web Sites Has Never Been This Easy

You’ve probably experienced it from first-hand that; corporate identity applications by third parties (dealer, service partners, suppliers) are one of the most challenging topics for brand managers. Especially the brand visibility of digital assets of your dealers are far from optimal. Corporate identity applications are either faulty or they don’t exist at all. For Brands that is frequently searched on digital media and have a dealership network! SmartDDM is the missing link you seek for for the innovative perspective to digital transformation, who redefines the rules of the digital engagement and visibility.

Digital assets (particularly websites) of your sales network are perhaps one the most important items that has a direct impact on your brand perception. Most of your dealers have websites, which have different designs nowhere near compliant with your brand identity guidelines. Unfortunately, they’re not optimized for location-based searches of your brand either. This is where, SmartDDM steps in and makes a difference with great solutions where you can manage all your dealers and make dealer website designs in one view.

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