Frequently Asked Questions

Smartnet Sıkça Sorulan Sorular
  • Can the original design be applied?
    The original design, or customized UX, UI and mobile first designs can be applied in compliance with corporate identity of the brand.
  • How long is the project timing?
    Standard project launch period is around 3 months. Depending on the project language and location this period can extend to 6 Months.
  • What do support services cover?
    After the project launch, all requests are supported via Call center or e-mail.
    Website update requests, Mail account setup, Management pane usage.
    We’re happy to announce that, due to Covid 19 Pandemic we’re also able to organize training webinars upon request.
  • Are domain, server and e-mail services included in the project?
    A standart project includes, Domain, SSL, Hosting (Server) and mail account services. In addition to that you can also request optional services, such as, CDN, exchange servers, additional e-mail accounts. We especially recommend CDN services in countries with heavy mobile penetration.
  • Are projects backed up regularly?
    Our standart projects includes daily, weekly and monthly cloud backs ups regularly.